Saturday, April 12, 2008


I feel like a 50lb weight just got lifted off my shoulders. The guy from Washington accepted our offer to come on as our 3rd vet!!!!! After several let-downs, this is such exciting and relieving news. Unfortunately, he can't start yesterday, but he'll be here mid-July. This is definately an answer to prayer!
Steve's gone to Vancouver, Canada for this next week. Yikes, it could (and already has gotten) get crazy at the Bennecke ranch. Time to put on the super-mom cape:) Hopefully the hubby snags a nice bear to replace the stolen one. He needed some time in God's peaceful and quiet creation.
Ok, I'm outie 5000. Maybe soon I'll get my act together and post pictures. Oh yeah, Steve has the camera and SBM card.


Becs said...

If anyone can be supermom its you- you already are! you have such a full plate, but it means you are blessed in many ways too, right?

Congrats on hiring the vet! Thats awesome! im sure knowing there's an end to the madness makes it just seem more manageable.

Did I miss something on the stolen bear comment?

Can't wait to see new pics when you get a chance (no pressure though). I bet CJ's grown so much!

Anonymous said...

Good golly miss Molly !!!! I bet it is crazy for you..Would you like us to send mom???lmao J/K
Very cool on the extra vet thing.Tell the kids Hi and Aunt Tina misses them. Take Care

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