Thursday, March 22, 2012

Current status 3/22/12 late night

I was working on writing a longer post to fill in all the gaps and details, but realized my mood was crap and the post was very derogatory So I'll abandon that for now and just give current.
This morning Josie had a bone marrow aspirate that confirmed the diagnosis of leukemia. Most likely ALL, which is the more common, "better" one to have. Waiting confirmation from mayo clinic tomorrow. We were supposed to have her port put in this afternoon, but the surgery suite became unavailable. Now we have to wait until Saturday morning- she will get the port, spinal tap, and intra-thecal (spinal) chemo. They will also start the other forms of chemo. We'll be here until Wednesday at least.
Today was really hard - seemed like way too many people causing agitation of one sort or another. Very hard from the standpoint of watching Josie be agitated, and then from my abackground in large animals where we don't touch something that's not broken. I can get it from the standpoint of needing baselines, but do we really need every 4 hrs vital checks in the middle of the night when they've all been normal and she's on nothing? It's the mother bear instinct I guess. And lack of zzz's.
Tomorrow currently has nothing planned. I was voting for taking her home for a while. The other side of the coin is that she's kind of getting used to things here and if we take her out and bring her back it might be more stressful. Not sure.
Please pray for good sleep, peace of mind, and strength for Saturday as that will be a big day I have a feeling.