Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'll start with Gabby and basketball. Yeah, this is so much fun!!! For all of you with young children, hang on, it gets way better! I am so excited about Gabby playing ball. I didn't end up being the coach. I was bummed at first, but her coach is really great so I'm ok with it now. After the first game, Steve was moderately frustrated that she didn't seem to grasp the concepts of the game - like when you're on offense you don't need to guard the other person. So he immediately after the game "encouraged" her to watch some college hoops with him. Something must have clicked b/c next game that problem was solved. She is improving each game. She scored her first basket a couple weeks ago - mommy actually missed the live event due to the stomach flu, but we have it on video. I'll try to figure out how to post it, but as of yet have no clue. She's scored a basket in each of the last 3 games!! This is so much fun!! I'm not a psycho mom, promise.

Gabby at school at Valentine's party.

I also got to go to Rylee's Valentine's party. After these two parties, I've determined I need to visit their classrooms more frequently. I got out of the habit after co-op preschool and C.J. being around. I just had conferences for both of them tonight - both doing great!! I couldn't be prouder of my two girls!

Can't forget the big man! He and I actually had our first trip to the ER earlier this month. We had a nasty influenza respiratory thing going around our house and inevitably he caught it. Only when he got it, it turned to croup. Well, I woke up Sunday morning 6:00 to him barking to breath and really labored. I freaked b/c last year when he got really sick I probably waited too long to take him in and felt like a tool when the doctor was grilling me about how sick he was. So I packed him in the freezing car and headed for the ER. I should have known better - I had croup as a kid. Cold is what you need. So by the time we got to the ER, the effects of our cold vehicle had greatly reduced his barking. I still took him in just to avoid the before mentioned grilling in case I was wrong, but they said "croup - has to run it's course. bring him in the cold if it gets bad again." So he's been a trooper while being sick and getting his first molars in. Nice combo - has made for sleepless nights. He's talking more and more. His most recent words have been "more" and "Ry-Ry"

So the above photo is of my cousin and me with American Idol top 36 Matt Giraud. I think I mentioned him in an earlier post, but anyway, we're phyched for another home town hero to add to our short list - Derek Jeter, ...the end. This picture and the night it was taken were so random I almost felt like I was back in college when most nights were decided by random moods (and maybe some influence of beverages). Anyway, we were at Bible Study and Steve had stayed home with all the sick kiddos. We got the itch to go out and watch Matt play at a local restaurant. Take a close look at above picture and you will soon realize I have become no more fashion savy than back in the day when a baggy flannel was my look. The fashionable MSU hoodie was paired with a well worn pair of jeans sporting a large hole in the knee. Hair undone. Nice. Anyway, I have no problem having a great time in spite of my appearances - the beauty of no shame in my game:) We had a blast, snuck our way right up front and had fun enjoying the piano. Too bad Matt didn't do so great tonight. Maybe Jeter will remain our solo claim to fame.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, I jinxed myself. Why in the world would I ever think about the fact that we've all been so healthy, let alone write it down (as I was knocking on wood and crossing all fingers and toes). Like 2 days after, 2 of us were struck down with the stomach flu. We've been losing one member each day. All that's left is Steve and C.J. Hopefully neither of them gets it because one is a big baby and the other can't aim for the toilet (Ha!Ha!).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Back In Action

Well, I'd like to say my long gap in posting was due to some incredible accomplishments going on elsewhere in my life. Not so much. My computer had a virus. There also isn't very much different going on here. Just surviving cold and snow. Our American Idolist from K-zoo is still going - Steve looked at some website that supposedly says he made it to top 36.
Work is going fine. One electric sock isn't working well which has me a little miffed. We had a super busy week a couple weeks ago when there was a thaw. Now we're expecting another thaw next week, so might be fun. I've somehow gotten the fun task of putting together a website for our practice and a big conference we're putting on in April. This is way out of my league and a little tedious for someone accostomed to barns and cows. With the help of my cousin, I narrowed down the template from 30,000 to one. Hopefully the boss approves.
Kids are doing great. My cousin took them sledding today which they totally loved. It's been fantastic having her here with us. I feel much more sane and the kids are benefitting from a more regular schedule, too. We'll be sad to see her go next week:( We have all been unexpectedly healthy thus far. Not even runny noses to complain of really. That must be b/c we went through all the kindergarten bugs last year, now we're immune. Good thing I'm not a germaphobe, so my kids have seen all those bugs and their systems are taking them head on.
I'll post pics soon.