Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pictures for Gigi

These pictures are for Gigi - which is the name my girls call my grandma Eileen, short for great grandma. She has been in California since August recovering from a broken hip which is no easy task for a 92 year old. I had tried to send these pics via email, but it failed. I think, no, I know my 6year old daughter could probably have figured it out. It's amazing to see her maneuver around the computer and internet. So here are the pictures for you grams and everyone else to enjoy!

Gabby with my cousin Jordan at his birthday partyThe twins
Rylee and Gigi at the party
Gabby and Rylee with former babysitter Jennifer. Gabby was the flowergirl at her wedding
After about 100 pictures, Gabby was about done with the whole wedding thing.
Rylee's preschool trip to the local apple orchard. This is Gabby with our neighbor Clara.
Yes, she is a ham!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


After seeing a couple friends with really cool blogs about their families and lives, I figured maybe this would be a better way to keep informed since I'm not too good about calling. I'm not tech savy, but I can learn I guess.
My current life:
1. Married happily (most days) for 7 + years to Steve
2. Live in Plainwell, MI which is actually only about 10 minutes from where I grew up. Yes, I know I swore I'd never return, but we've actually been here 6 years and I'm getting used to it. It is great to be close to family and there's no way I could handle being in Chicago. We live on a 10 acre horse ranch currently, but it's for sale because we just bought 67 acres a couple miles from here and plan to build.
3. Currently 2 kids: Gabby - almost 6 and in kindergarten. Rylee - 4 and in preschool. You'll hear more about them as this blog progresses I'm sure. It's amazing how two kids can come from the same two parents (yes, I'm sure they both were:) and be so different, but great! Third kid on the way - supposed to be a boy, but Steve's not convinced until he sees the package. Due Nov. 4th.
4. Still working as a large animal vet. About 80% dairy cattle and 20% horses. Usually I try to only work 4 days a week, but this backfires pretty frequently! I do love my job, though and can't imagine doing anything else.
5. Due to items 1-4, I have little time for anything else constructive:)