Monday, February 22, 2010

Am I Really That Old

Conversation that occurred regarding Olympics:

Friend 1 (40+ yrs): When is Yoko Ohno gonna skate again?
Friend 2 (21yrs): HaHa, that's a funny name, he skates in 10 minutes.
Friend 1 continues to refer to Apolo Ohno as Yoko Ohno just for kicks.
Me, later to Friend 2: You know who Yoko Ohno is right?
Friend 2: (Dumb stare)
Me: She's a real person - it was John Lennon's wife. You do know who John Lennon is, right?
Friend 2: He was a singer right?

Whoa, I didn't think I was that much older, but apparently there's either a huge generation gap between the early 20's and 30's or I am just friends with less intellegent people!! I felt really old!

Here's a few OLD photos to wet your appetite. Couldn't find my other camera this morning so you get Christmas!