Monday, February 22, 2010

Am I Really That Old

Conversation that occurred regarding Olympics:

Friend 1 (40+ yrs): When is Yoko Ohno gonna skate again?
Friend 2 (21yrs): HaHa, that's a funny name, he skates in 10 minutes.
Friend 1 continues to refer to Apolo Ohno as Yoko Ohno just for kicks.
Me, later to Friend 2: You know who Yoko Ohno is right?
Friend 2: (Dumb stare)
Me: She's a real person - it was John Lennon's wife. You do know who John Lennon is, right?
Friend 2: He was a singer right?

Whoa, I didn't think I was that much older, but apparently there's either a huge generation gap between the early 20's and 30's or I am just friends with less intellegent people!! I felt really old!

Here's a few OLD photos to wet your appetite. Couldn't find my other camera this morning so you get Christmas!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nurse Rachelle

Sorry there have been so few posts and even fewer pictures. I will try to fix that in February. Besides chasing the 3 around, coaching b-ball, and working, Steve had shoulder surgery mid-January. So I've been challenged to be a good nurse. I can recognize that I was definately not intended to go into human medicine because my level of sympathy is so low it's terrible. I try to act empathetic, but it's pretty much faking. With animals, they can't complain, so I don't have to worry about acting sympathetic - it works great. Steve is healing up, finally. Hopefully in a couple months he'll be back to throwing, shooting, and whatever else.

Monday, January 4, 2010

What's the Right Answer??

So now I got another dreaded question...
"Mommy, some kids in my class say Santa isn't real. Is he?" from Gabby.
I gave a sly, uncommitted answer, "I don't know, what do you think?" until I could get home to ask the Santa-master of the house. He said stay uncommitted. I can't remember any childhood experience to draw on to answer this. It's not that I didn't believe in Santa, we just didn't play it up too much that I can remember. I don't really care if she knows, but then it potentially spoils it for Ry and CJ, too, because I know she won't be able to keep that juicy of a secret!
Any ideas?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh No!!

Not yet, I'm not ready!
He's only just 2 years old - although he talks like a 4 year old.
I thought I had at least another couple months before I had to answer....
Oh yes, yesterday I told him it was nap time and he blurts out without a thought "Why?"
Then today in the car, everything I told him was followed up with "Why?"
I guess I'll just have to answer with a parents favorite answer, "Because I said!"