Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She's 7

So we've celebrated our second November birthday now as well. I am really feeling OLD. I think I feel older about Gabby being 7 than I did about me being 30. It scares me to think that the adolescent and teeny-bopper years are really just around the corner. My inadequacies as a parent will be magnified that much more!! AGHHH!! Don't you just wish there was some way to suspend time.
Gabby is doing fantastic. She's a sweet child - a little on the quiet and shy side at first (while little sis does all the checking things out), but once she gets comfortable, watch out! We're still dealing with fear issues on and off, but it has quieted down since Halloween is over. In addition to soccer and horseback riding, she shocked me this weekend when she requested to play basketball. I never would have even mentioned it except for she's done with the other 2 activities for the winter and was asking what she could do. I was pushing indoor soccer since I figured she'd be comfortable with that. But she said no. In passing I said "You could play basketball." She jumped right on it! I may yet have a child who plays! I volunteered to coach her team, but I haven't heard yet if I will. Part of me hopes I will - then I can teach the fundamentals and have good mom/daughter time - part of me thinks maybe it'd be better if not - no temptation to push her for selfish reasons, she listens better to outsiders, etc. We'll see how that one pans out. She got a basketball from Gigi for her birthday. Along with clothes, an MP3 player, books, etc. She is reading really well. I can remember in first grade just starting like the Dick and Jane books. She's way past that and reads with a lot of expression which is really cute. What can I say, I'm a proud mom:)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He's 1

In 365 days, Casey Jared has grown from a little 9lb 4oz pip squeek into a ~25lb lovable, soon-to-be monster. His first year has been unlike the girls' in that I've actually had and taken the time to enjoy it. It's been so fun watching him go through all the various stages. At this point he's just starting to walk, a few steps at a time. He prefers crawling because then he can cruise. He has 7 teeth which he will occasionally use as mini-weapons. He's already learned where all the good toys are - his sisters' room. He likes all foods, except Jello which is too complicated. We're having a little family party for him next weekend (couldn't be this weekend since he's a deer season baby - everyone's in the woods once again). Can't wait for year #2!

Monday, November 3, 2008


So I'm feeling obligated to post the always-popular Halloween photos. Despite the fact I'm feeling rather Scrooge-like towards said holiday. I feel like my mother, but honestly what's the point? Cute pics, yes; stealing kids' good candy, oh yeah; pumpkin carving, fun enough. But I guess I just don't get that into it. I bought C.J. a dragon costume which was pretty darn cute and the girls were both cowgirls since we had stuff around the house. Gabby survived the middle school costume parade again. She pulled her cowboy hat way down over her eyes and I basically guided her through the halls. No trick-or-treating for her. She has no interest. Rylee went for a little while with some friends.
Check out C.J.'s pumpkin on the right - 4 teeth on top and 3 on bottom. Like the eyes? Rylee actually carved her own pumpkin for the most part with one of those pumpkin knives. She did a great job!