Monday, November 3, 2008


So I'm feeling obligated to post the always-popular Halloween photos. Despite the fact I'm feeling rather Scrooge-like towards said holiday. I feel like my mother, but honestly what's the point? Cute pics, yes; stealing kids' good candy, oh yeah; pumpkin carving, fun enough. But I guess I just don't get that into it. I bought C.J. a dragon costume which was pretty darn cute and the girls were both cowgirls since we had stuff around the house. Gabby survived the middle school costume parade again. She pulled her cowboy hat way down over her eyes and I basically guided her through the halls. No trick-or-treating for her. She has no interest. Rylee went for a little while with some friends.
Check out C.J.'s pumpkin on the right - 4 teeth on top and 3 on bottom. Like the eyes? Rylee actually carved her own pumpkin for the most part with one of those pumpkin knives. She did a great job!


Becs said...

Sorry you feel obligated, but glad to see pics of the kids!
CJ is looking so big... did he get a bite out of that pumpkin? he he
I'm not a fan of halloween, but Lexie and Paul are, so... I get excited by default of living in the same house.

KDoug said...

I'm so glad you posted the obligated Halloween pics. They are so cute. And, I must say that I'm am happy that at least one of your kids looks like you. CJ looks exaclty like Rilee who looks exactly like Steve. Too funny!