Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He's 1

In 365 days, Casey Jared has grown from a little 9lb 4oz pip squeek into a ~25lb lovable, soon-to-be monster. His first year has been unlike the girls' in that I've actually had and taken the time to enjoy it. It's been so fun watching him go through all the various stages. At this point he's just starting to walk, a few steps at a time. He prefers crawling because then he can cruise. He has 7 teeth which he will occasionally use as mini-weapons. He's already learned where all the good toys are - his sisters' room. He likes all foods, except Jello which is too complicated. We're having a little family party for him next weekend (couldn't be this weekend since he's a deer season baby - everyone's in the woods once again). Can't wait for year #2!


Becs said...

those are beautiful pictures. he's grown so much. i love the update!
congrats on making it through your first year as a mom to 3!

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!! Great pics. THey are so gorgeous.