Monday, February 25, 2008

Ry's Stylin

Most of you who read this blog have met the Ry-Bird in person, but for those who haven't had that pleasure, she could be summed up as energy. She's constantly on the go, talks a mile a minute, has more bruises than even I did as a child (from all the activity - cart wheels, jumping off the stairs from like 6 stairs up, etc.). Her two striking physical features are her stunning blue eyes (from dad) and pipe-curled hair (from dad's side). We literally cannot go anywhere without people commenting on her eyes and hair. This past summer I seriously considered getting her into modeling, but our lives are not conducive to that at all. So instead she models and acts for us. This past week she has been like a lost puppy because her best friend Gabby was in Florida with grandparents. Our neighbor explained to me that since we live so rurally, that our kids really have to bond with their siblings because that's all they have. Anyways, the other neighbor girl was bored and called to ask us to go out so she could watch Rylee - so we begrudgingly did. We came home to curly sue being less than curly! This is Rylee with straight hair! She was so excited about it. She was combing it and so impressed with how soft it was. The next day - Sunday - she had a identity crisis before we left for church. "I want my curly hair back! Nobody will know who I am! I need to take a shower!" I convinced her to chill and wear it straight for another day.
So today she goes to a birthday party at this place at the mall where they basically give the little kids a makeover - hair, nails, makeup, etc. I've never heard of it before, but definately her element. The next two pics are of the hair styles she came home with. Gotta love the diva!

So Gabby comes home tonight - yeah back to three kiddos. Rylee will most likely take that shower she's been so desperate for and all will be back to "normal".

Monday, February 18, 2008

Downer Cows

Oh I forgot, I did want to comment on the huge beef recall.
FYI - we were all eating downer cows prior to 3 years ago when the whole mad cow thing came into being. Prior to finding 1-3 BSE (mad cows) in the USA, downer cows could be transported and slaughtered and entered the food chain if they passed post-slaughter inspection. I really think it's sad that they are just throwing out millions of pounds of most likely decent meat due to an animal cruelty issue, not really a safety one. Not cool how the slaughter plant was opperating and they should get shut down and fined into oblivion. But did they really need to recall all the meat? My humble opinion, probably not.


Well, I can honestly say, for the past like 2 weeks our lives have been consumed with this blasted weather that we have been having. It's like it's taking over our souls! The snow and cold never end. We've had over 90 inches of snow this winter!! I can understand why the Upper Penninsula has so many alcoholics. This much snow and cold could definately drive a person to drinking - a lot. There was one morning it was -13 raw temp (not including wind chill). Gabby's going to Florida tomorrow with my parents. I think I'll stow away in her suitcase.
Valentine's was pretty uneventful. We have a tendency to make babies around this time, so we were avoiding each other a little:) Actually, work was so busy that I had to go out again after dinner to attend to a sick cow. I went to Gabby's school Valentines Party - it was very nice. I think I really like her teacher. At first she was kind of disorganized, but she had just moved to this school. Somehow she's managed to inspire those 25 kids to learn and not be a bunch of crazies like they were initially. For Gabby to like going to school is a big accomplishment.
Rylee's preschool apparently has all sorts of background drama amongst the mothers. A bunch of them are all up in arms because their kids aren't learning enough and there's too much free time, etc. They were trying to all get together and go complain to the teacher. This kind of behavior really annoys me. First of all relax, this is preschool, not Princeton. Second, the kids will be in school for at least the next 13 years, why not let them have fun? Third, the teacher has been doing this for quite some time, so I'd imagine she knows how to teach. People (mom's in particular) can be such busy bodies. Maybe they have too much time to think since they're cooped up in their houses from all the snow. I haven't determined how to approach and handle these types of parents (Becs, I feel your pain). There's the roll your eyes and walk away tactic, but that seems too passive at times. Then again, if I get vocal and spout off, my kid will probably be going to school with their kid for the next decade so it probably would be good to remain civil. This hits on the main reason I refuse to treat dogs and cats - people drama. Horse work has enough of that!
We went yesterday and saw my brother's new baby - Caleb. He was born Feb. 5. They live like 2 hours northwest of us, near Lake Michigan. Very cute baby, looks a lot like his mommy. He made C.J. look like an elephant!
Not much exciting for real. I won't continue this sad story that is our weather and lives:) Maybe I'll be back to blogging in the spring!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Promised Pics

So the biggest splurge thing that we have done since kiddo #3 is to hire a friend from our Bible study to clean our house every-other week. Why haven't we done this sooner!!! It is so great to come home after a 12 hour day to a spotless house. Karen, you rock!!

We got another +/- 6 inches of snow yesterday. This is a big problem in a state that is broke. They don't plow or salt - too expensive. I spent yesterday in Steve's Accord and it made me very grateful for my 4x4 truck. I couldn't get into one client's driveway and then got stuck twice trying to get up the hill by my parents. The kids and I were saying "I think I can! I think I can! " and we finally willed the little Honda up the hill.

Here are the promised pics of CJ in Florida.

Mommy's new favorite pic of me. I love to smile!

The big man getting a tan.

Mommy made me wear this very goofy looking hat. Since when is she worried about a little tan? I do love stroller trips on the beach. We took two every day. Too bad there's so much snow at home and we can't go for rides.

Me and mom on the beach. Note: I'm wearing my new tow truck summer outfit. It's in honor of daddy's work:)

Me and daddy at sunset.

I'm already being forced into being a Sox fan. What's going to happen if I like the Tigers instead? Or worse yet, the Cubbies?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

100 Degrees

That is the spread of temperature that we spanned in 24 hours from Wednesday morning in Michigan where it was -22F wind chill and "near blizzard" conditions to Thursday when we arrived in Florida and it was +80F. What is a "near blizzard" anyways?
Steve and I have questioned ourselves again, "Why do we live in Michigan?" It is so amazing down here. We've just been relaxing and bumming it. We had a great visit with Becs and her cutie daughter Lexie on the day we arrived. Otherwise, sun, walks, and QT. On one downer note - I hate bathing suits officially. They are not made for post baby, tall people who don't want to look over the hill yet. You'd think it wouldn't be that difficult. Apparently nobody in design world wants to tackle this feat.
Happy Birthday Saioa and mom! Mom, sorry you caught our ugly flu bug, you are a trooper!
I'll hopefully post sunny pics of CJ later.