Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, I can honestly say, for the past like 2 weeks our lives have been consumed with this blasted weather that we have been having. It's like it's taking over our souls! The snow and cold never end. We've had over 90 inches of snow this winter!! I can understand why the Upper Penninsula has so many alcoholics. This much snow and cold could definately drive a person to drinking - a lot. There was one morning it was -13 raw temp (not including wind chill). Gabby's going to Florida tomorrow with my parents. I think I'll stow away in her suitcase.
Valentine's was pretty uneventful. We have a tendency to make babies around this time, so we were avoiding each other a little:) Actually, work was so busy that I had to go out again after dinner to attend to a sick cow. I went to Gabby's school Valentines Party - it was very nice. I think I really like her teacher. At first she was kind of disorganized, but she had just moved to this school. Somehow she's managed to inspire those 25 kids to learn and not be a bunch of crazies like they were initially. For Gabby to like going to school is a big accomplishment.
Rylee's preschool apparently has all sorts of background drama amongst the mothers. A bunch of them are all up in arms because their kids aren't learning enough and there's too much free time, etc. They were trying to all get together and go complain to the teacher. This kind of behavior really annoys me. First of all relax, this is preschool, not Princeton. Second, the kids will be in school for at least the next 13 years, why not let them have fun? Third, the teacher has been doing this for quite some time, so I'd imagine she knows how to teach. People (mom's in particular) can be such busy bodies. Maybe they have too much time to think since they're cooped up in their houses from all the snow. I haven't determined how to approach and handle these types of parents (Becs, I feel your pain). There's the roll your eyes and walk away tactic, but that seems too passive at times. Then again, if I get vocal and spout off, my kid will probably be going to school with their kid for the next decade so it probably would be good to remain civil. This hits on the main reason I refuse to treat dogs and cats - people drama. Horse work has enough of that!
We went yesterday and saw my brother's new baby - Caleb. He was born Feb. 5. They live like 2 hours northwest of us, near Lake Michigan. Very cute baby, looks a lot like his mommy. He made C.J. look like an elephant!
Not much exciting for real. I won't continue this sad story that is our weather and lives:) Maybe I'll be back to blogging in the spring!

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Becs said...

Duh parents! Kids, especially preschoolers, learn through play! There thousands of books and curriculums written based on that premise! Aaagh! I probably could find a great handout at my work about the importance of play and could add that to your passive way of dealing with them.
I basically ignore the parents because you are right, the kids will be in school together for so long! Its such a Catch 22. I would say, however, that I don't see a particular problem with the classroom. And I would encourage them to talk to the teacher individually to discuss any concerns, not to gang up on her. Ok, well, I probably wouldn't say it exactly that way.
Not that you asked what I would do, but...
Glad to see a new post (2 new posts). Stay warm!