Saturday, February 2, 2008

100 Degrees

That is the spread of temperature that we spanned in 24 hours from Wednesday morning in Michigan where it was -22F wind chill and "near blizzard" conditions to Thursday when we arrived in Florida and it was +80F. What is a "near blizzard" anyways?
Steve and I have questioned ourselves again, "Why do we live in Michigan?" It is so amazing down here. We've just been relaxing and bumming it. We had a great visit with Becs and her cutie daughter Lexie on the day we arrived. Otherwise, sun, walks, and QT. On one downer note - I hate bathing suits officially. They are not made for post baby, tall people who don't want to look over the hill yet. You'd think it wouldn't be that difficult. Apparently nobody in design world wants to tackle this feat.
Happy Birthday Saioa and mom! Mom, sorry you caught our ugly flu bug, you are a trooper!
I'll hopefully post sunny pics of CJ later.


Becs said...

Ugh, bathing suits. I finally learned not to cut costs and really get a good one after having Lexie. Never was a problem before, but as a Floridian, bathing suits are a must.
So great to see you and Steve (been too long), and meet sweet CJ. HE is even cuter in person!Lexie has been asking for him. Seriously, woke up Friday wanting to see him again.
Enjoy the rest of your stay. The weather has been awesome! (at least up my way it has been)

kflyingcircus said...

Ok, so after 3 children with spring birthdays (well, one in july) i officially do not like swimsuits with a post baby body. so last year i came across the custom suit by lands end. check it out. can't wait to get mine this year!!!