Monday, February 25, 2008

Ry's Stylin

Most of you who read this blog have met the Ry-Bird in person, but for those who haven't had that pleasure, she could be summed up as energy. She's constantly on the go, talks a mile a minute, has more bruises than even I did as a child (from all the activity - cart wheels, jumping off the stairs from like 6 stairs up, etc.). Her two striking physical features are her stunning blue eyes (from dad) and pipe-curled hair (from dad's side). We literally cannot go anywhere without people commenting on her eyes and hair. This past summer I seriously considered getting her into modeling, but our lives are not conducive to that at all. So instead she models and acts for us. This past week she has been like a lost puppy because her best friend Gabby was in Florida with grandparents. Our neighbor explained to me that since we live so rurally, that our kids really have to bond with their siblings because that's all they have. Anyways, the other neighbor girl was bored and called to ask us to go out so she could watch Rylee - so we begrudgingly did. We came home to curly sue being less than curly! This is Rylee with straight hair! She was so excited about it. She was combing it and so impressed with how soft it was. The next day - Sunday - she had a identity crisis before we left for church. "I want my curly hair back! Nobody will know who I am! I need to take a shower!" I convinced her to chill and wear it straight for another day.
So today she goes to a birthday party at this place at the mall where they basically give the little kids a makeover - hair, nails, makeup, etc. I've never heard of it before, but definately her element. The next two pics are of the hair styles she came home with. Gotta love the diva!

So Gabby comes home tonight - yeah back to three kiddos. Rylee will most likely take that shower she's been so desperate for and all will be back to "normal".


becs said...

That girl's got flair!

Anja Lee said...

That is to cute!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like me as a child ;)
Except my hair wasn't curly, it just stuck straight off my head in every possible direction :) -OJ

KDoug said...

That is so cute. I can't wait to hear how Gabby's trip was in Florida. That's really neat that your parents did that. What great memories.

Tell Rylee she looks amazing!