Monday, March 3, 2008

The Champ

C.J. and Ry

NaNa and C.J.

Poppy with C.J. and Caleb - his two grandsons!

Seems like everyone is updating on their kiddos lately, so here's the latest on the youngest since Ry was last time.

So Casey is like a dream child. He is such a good little guy even when he's sick - which unfortunately has been more often than any mom would like. He's almost 4 months old now. He's quite large compared to his agemates - about 16 lbs. This has been a good thing for mom and dad's muscles, but not so good if it's a long distance to carry him in his carseat (20+ lbs). He loves to laugh and giggle and is freely gives out smiles to everyone. He really likes his big sisters, but has recently discovered hair is a fun thing to pull and gets a very loud response. He's getting to the stage where he likes to play with things like an exersaucer or activity mat, etc. He can roll from tummy to back but not vice-versa. I'm worried he'll be an early mover. Kel, I read your blog, and don't read the next part or you'll be really jealous:) C.J. will sleep between 8-10 hours most nights, occasionally less, but a quick feeding or pacifier placement puts him back to sleep til morning. All in all, #3 has been a great experience thus far. I can't imagine life without my little man. I tease Steve that I have a new boyfriend:) He doesn't seem to mind.

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Becs said...

Glad to see Rylee's hair back to its curly self :)
CJ seems like a dream baby. Makes you want another, no?
And yes, they apparently have Friday Night Lights on the chopping block as some result of the writer's strike. I am going to find out more information and fill you in. There is some petition you can sign, but I don't konw the link. It was one of the only shows I really watch and enjoy. That's all I know for now.