Friday, March 14, 2008

Where did the "Freetime" go?

Apparently it's melting with the snow. Which I'm not complaining about the onset of spring. This winter was way too long, cold, white, and depressing. You know you live in Michigan when it's March and ~50F and you come home to your kids wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops! Heatwave! I hated to break it to them, but we could still see more snow.
Things here have been so crazy busy I don't even know what to think or do. Partially b/c two of the last three weeks I've had to work 5 days b/c the boss is gone. But spring is also the beginning of people realizing they have beasts in their backyards with four legs that they want to ride again. Spring shots and blood draw for horses is here! Yeah for money in my pocket, booo for sanity. It hasn't been an easy decision, but I think my four-legged beasts in the backyard are going to have to be sold. I need to de-clutter my life somehow and as I see it I can't get rid of the kids, job, husband, or house so the horses are about the only option. It's sad b/c we've had Daisy for 8 years now and her first baby Dakota is now 6 years old and the biggest sweetie. I'm really hoping to give my old mare Celeste to a friend nearby. She is my favorite horse to ride so if the friend will take her, then at least I can visit and ride. The horse market is terrible, so maybe no one will want them - hayburners. We'll see what happens.
That's about all the freetime I have right now. I'm going to bed I think. I hate going to bed before 11pm, but I've had three 15hour days this week and my shoulder is burning. Please pray things work out and we are able to hire a new vet this spring!


Becs said...

That can't be an easy decision to make. I think I am hoping that they don't sell and your life magically gets simplified without you cutting out anything.
You are a superwoman, Rachelle, with all that you do and how amazingly you do it all!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya-I have been wanting to e-mail for a while now, and I haven't been able to find the time! I hope you guys are doing well-I am sure CJ is plenty big and is as sweet as ever. I'll pray that you find a vet grad that is led your way! Take care! La Penzotti