Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pictures for Gigi

These pictures are for Gigi - which is the name my girls call my grandma Eileen, short for great grandma. She has been in California since August recovering from a broken hip which is no easy task for a 92 year old. I had tried to send these pics via email, but it failed. I think, no, I know my 6year old daughter could probably have figured it out. It's amazing to see her maneuver around the computer and internet. So here are the pictures for you grams and everyone else to enjoy!

Gabby with my cousin Jordan at his birthday partyThe twins
Rylee and Gigi at the party
Gabby and Rylee with former babysitter Jennifer. Gabby was the flowergirl at her wedding
After about 100 pictures, Gabby was about done with the whole wedding thing.
Rylee's preschool trip to the local apple orchard. This is Gabby with our neighbor Clara.
Yes, she is a ham!


Becs said...

The girls are so beautiful.

KDoug said...

That's really creepy how Steve and Riley look so much alike. It's amazing how everything works. We're still trying to figure out who Peyton looks like.

I'm so glad you're blogging. welcome!

KDoug said...

Ok - I spelled Rylee wrong SORRY and I totally forgot about Reeb. That brings back SO many memories. LOL!!! Oh, so many great memories.