Friday, February 6, 2009

Back In Action

Well, I'd like to say my long gap in posting was due to some incredible accomplishments going on elsewhere in my life. Not so much. My computer had a virus. There also isn't very much different going on here. Just surviving cold and snow. Our American Idolist from K-zoo is still going - Steve looked at some website that supposedly says he made it to top 36.
Work is going fine. One electric sock isn't working well which has me a little miffed. We had a super busy week a couple weeks ago when there was a thaw. Now we're expecting another thaw next week, so might be fun. I've somehow gotten the fun task of putting together a website for our practice and a big conference we're putting on in April. This is way out of my league and a little tedious for someone accostomed to barns and cows. With the help of my cousin, I narrowed down the template from 30,000 to one. Hopefully the boss approves.
Kids are doing great. My cousin took them sledding today which they totally loved. It's been fantastic having her here with us. I feel much more sane and the kids are benefitting from a more regular schedule, too. We'll be sad to see her go next week:( We have all been unexpectedly healthy thus far. Not even runny noses to complain of really. That must be b/c we went through all the kindergarten bugs last year, now we're immune. Good thing I'm not a germaphobe, so my kids have seen all those bugs and their systems are taking them head on.
I'll post pics soon.


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