Friday, April 18, 2008

Survivor Plainwell

I made it!!! The week is over and I feel like I've been given the immunity necklace or whatever it is they have on that show (I did actually watch a season or so, but it's been a while). We actually did pretty well flying single parent. I hit panic yesterday when the real estate agent called to say someone wanted to see the house today, but my super-mom flew in to help out and the house actually looked the best it has in a long time (also thanks to KS bi-weekly cleaning yesterday which was lucky timing). Also good timing, yesterday I had ~1 hour of nothing and decided randomly to clean the barn. Only minor problem, when I got home tonight, it didn't appear as if anyone had been here. Usually they shut off all the lights and leave a business card - none found. I will be moderately irritated if they didn't show - unneeded stress and time spent cleaning. Oh well, at the least, Steve will come home to a clean house.
Also making life more bearable, todays ambient temp was a balmy 77F. Life is always better when it's warm.
So I've finally finished all my calls today, except for the one I had to reschedule for tomorrow since I had so many emergencies this afternoon. 10:30 is just about the right time for dinner and a few reebs. Yummy egg salad.
Ok, my eyes are crossing. This rambling needs to end before I get kicked off Survivor Plainwell.


Becs said...

CONGRATS! YOu are amazing!
10:30 dinner. I think Id be asleep before the food hit the plate. But what are reebs?

KDoug said...

Are you moving? Am I confused? Wait...I think you said you were building a house. Is that right?

Well, anyway. Good luck. That's nuts that you are working full time, raising three kids and selling your house. You go girl!

Anonymous said...


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