Sunday, April 13, 2008

Biker Babes

Yeah, I got out my cranky, uncooperative camera and got some shots of the girls because I'm just too proud of them. After only 2 days of practicing, they are both proficient at riding their bikes without training wheels! This amazes me because if I remember back to when I was learning to ride my banana bike, (yes, sadly this was a long, long time ago. Like 25 years!) I remember my mom jogging up and down the road for many days hanging onto the back of my bike and then letting go. Do you remember that mom? So anyways, these two chicas figured it out pretty fast and without much help. My poor pregnant babysitter (Hannah) was the first to inspire them with her sister's old bikes. Then when we got home, I helped them out a bit. Two days later they went back to Hannah's parent's house and rode again. When I got home that day, Gabby was a pro and Rylee was on her way. One of the cutest things for me, was watching Rylee out my kitchen window trying to get it down. She's definately persistent. If Gabby can do something, so can she! About a day later she was doing great too. So here's some pics from a proud mom. Oh yeah, they didn't have helmets when I went out, so we had a discussion:) Don't worry, I've heard the E.R. stats.


Becs said...

Awesome, they certainly are old pros! Loving the shades too!

Becs said...

I know not why David Cook was tearing up, but will try to find out for you. I was wondering too, I thought probably just emotional for hearing such positive feedback from all 3 judges.