Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome Casey

So if you're reading this, you probably got my e-mail announcing the birth of Casey Jared Bennecke, born Monday, November 12, 2007 at 3:45 pm, 9lb 4oz, 21 inches long . Here's a few more details for those of you who are interested, and some pictures because I know that's the main reason to be checking this post anyways:) For some crazy reason the blogger is not letting me upload photos, so I had to put them in a smilebox format, sorry.

I was talking to a friend today and he said that we did this in true "Bennecke-style" - by the seat of our pants. We always like a little drama. So Monday continued to be a pretty quiet day, not much happening. Then about 2:20 my water broke, so I called Steve to tell him to start on his ~40 minute trip home. No contractions yet. About 2:30 I called Steve to check his progress - Wayland - which is about 20 minutes, and let him know I was having some pretty good contractions by then. We hung up again. 2:35 - the next conversation with dear hubby "Where are you now? Shelbyville? Well, don't slow down. Actually don't hang up with me because I need to concentrate." Contractions were about 3 minutes and pretty intense. I did eventually hang up again to call our favorite Kalamazoo Sheriff and check if there were any po-pos between our house and the hospital that he could clear out for us. We got the all clear. Steve finally arrived at 3:00. Between cursing the manual transmission in the Honda and the horribly slow woman on Sprinkle, contractions were strong enough I knew I better cross my legs. Steve is having visions of delivering this baby in the car - which might be the end of our marraige! I counted the lights as I counted the contractions coming about 2 minutes apart and very intense. 3:20 - We made it, Steve does not need to deliver! I got up to the labor and delivery floor and informed them this baby is coming very fast, so I bypassed the whole check-in process. Got to the room - finally - nurse takes one look, "10cm and ready to deliver, get me some gloves, the doctor is still downstairs finishing a C-section." Steve finally figured out how to make it to the proper room after wandering around the parking garage, I think he was in relieved shock. 3:40 the doctor did actually make it up to the room to deliver a healthy baby boy!! TaDa!!
So needless to say, if for some reason we do end up having another child, I think Steve will be renting me a room at the hospital to avoid this kind of stress.
We are all doing well. We actually came home last night, so only a short hospital stay which was nice. Now reality gets to set in. Thanks be to God for a healthy, beautiful son.

Welcome Casey
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JLenarz said...

Congratulations Rachelle and Steve! How very exciting! And I mean in just an hour and 20 minutes...that IS exciting, and maybe a bit nerve-racking. Once again, congratulations...I'll be interested to keep up with you on this blog. I also have one, but don't take much time to keep it up, but if I know that that is one way to communicate with you, I may do it more often!

Anonymous said...

He is SO beautiful. And, you look great. I can't wait to meet CJ. You guys are now officially a big family :) I'm so happy for you. I know the girls must be thrilled, but Steve's smile is priceless. Love that cheesy grin when he's holding his boy!!!

Kelly, Peyton and Rob

Trina said...

Hooray! Thanks for starting this blog and letting us have a peek into your life!

Becs said...

Those are great pics! And a classic Rachelle delivery :) What a good looking family. The girls look like they are already to be "little mommies." CJ is handsome.
Love, Rebecca, Paul and Lexie

Ladybird and Sam said...

Congrats!! Did you even have time for an epideral?? Wow, at least it wasn't a 24 hour ordeal. Everyone looks great, happy, and healthy!