Sunday, November 18, 2007

Deer Widow

This is a term you urbanites may not be familiar with, but a deer widow is someone who is basically abandoned as of opening day (Michigan this is November 15th) when the great hunters flock to the woods in search of Bambie's parents. Steve is one of these, therefore I have joined the ranks of deer widows. Unfortunately, two of my children have been born surrounding this all important season - Casey Nov. 12, and Gabby Nov. 23 - bad planning, but oh yeah, we don't plan in this family.
So we've been home since Tuesday night. Things are actually going well enough that Steve mentioned the number four, which was previously forbidden. Granted, he promptly left on Thursday morning (15th). He got his first opening day deer - a doe. For you urbanites, this is Bambie's mom. Before you shed a bunch of tears, here in Michigan this is majorly applauded since we have over 40,000 car-deer accidents each year. Steve and dad are now in Southern Illinois in search of "Big Bucks." They'll be home Monday at the latest, hopefully sooner.
My mom has been amazingly helpful. She's spent a couple nights here and has been giving me some time off from the girls, which I have needed to avoid blowing up at a certain middle child. Both girls are very loving towards C.J., but in true Rylee form, she doesn't know when enough is enough and she's also on attention underload. C.J. has been great so far. He's slept most of his life away, but I don't mind as this lets me get stuff done during the day and sleep at night (yesterday like 5 hours in one stretch). They say boys are easier, and so far I can't complain. Here's a couple pictures of him doing what he does best. He's so cute it's hard to not just cuddle him all day long - he loves to snuggle.


KDoug said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love those little infant pictures of them all peaceful. It makes me want numero dos. We have to wait until Rob's done with this next deployment though.

Good luck!

Ladybird and Sam said...

Casey is too cute!
I didn't get the deer widow until you explained it! We have many many deer here and Matt just explained to me the other day why there are so many that are hit by cars here in the winter...we never see them in the summer but now it makes sense. I am so scared of hitting one at night so I pay close attention to my surroundings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Becs said...

We have deer in our yard all the time! Although we are the Save Bambi type... my neighbors car was hit by a deer though... ran right into it!
Casey is so sweet! Nothing beats a sleeping newborn. Good luck with the girls, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

OJ said...

I am so glad you have a blog!!!!
can't wait to see him in person!!!