Friday, November 30, 2007


The title is not in reference to the TV show. No, it is a reference to the longest period of time Casey has gone without some sort of diaper leakage. This feels like a mini-accomplishment, but looking long-term we have some major issues to correct. Having two female babies before, I was accustomed to the occasional blow-out. The male anatomy lends a whole new challenge. Why does he keep leaking even though the diaper isn't full? Unit positioning is key I think, but even when I am conscientious about it, we still have an occasional accident. I guess it's just another way the male gender gets its kicks at the female race - as babies they create massive amounts of laundry, as men they laugh at us because we can't conveniently pee in the woods or along the highway!
Quote of the day from Rylee: "Mom, come and wipe me. I went poop and I've been waiting six years for you to come wipe me!"


Becs said...

24 hours- woo hoo!
It sounds like if you aren't wiping one child's poop, then you are wiping another's. And how dare you make your 4 year old wait 6 years for you to wipe her? (ha ha)

Good luck with the diapers. My SIL swears by proper placement, too and also felt only a certain brand had the proper overall fit to prevent leakage. And I swear my nephew's diaper was changed like every 30 minutes, just in case.

oj said...

Ya, I quit changing Jesse's diaper because he always waited 'till the diaper was off to go :) After that happened to me once I said I'd had enough :)

Anonymous said...

Love the quote. And, I love how cute CJ is. He's precious. Funny blog about the "unit positioning!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Make sure that little boy is pointed down. If that continues to fail, I would try a different brand of diapers. We tried made our way through just about all the brands out there. Good luck.