Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Update

Just in case anyone's counting or cares, my neighbor informed me yesterday:

Normal Snowfall as of Jan 11: 72 inches
This YTD Snowfall as of Jan 11: 89.5 inches

This is with another 6-8 expected in the next day or so!! They were all crazy excited last year when we broke 100". At this rate, we'll be over that by February - that would still leave at least two to three more months of possible snow. I'm pushing the theory of an ice age at least in Michigan. Those idiots promoting global warming are just that - idiots! Maybe the ice age of the 1960's froze some of their brain cells.

As for me, I'm just relishing my new battery-powered socks that my boss gave me for Christmas. They are incredible. I do wonder what kind of strange cancer I may come down with at a later date considering I have that huge battery pack on my left hip, and a big ultrasound and battery on my right hip. At least my feet are hot! Now all I need is a battery-powered right hand glove (the other hand stays toasty:)).


Ladybird and Sam said...

Just put your hands around your feet to stay warm! Or get a heating pad and connect it to a battery pack, then you can heat your core =) if it makes you feel any better we're supposed to hit the teens later this week, in NC!!! I don't have clothes for that kind of weather.

Becs said...

Brr!!!!!!! I think maybe its global accentuating: cold is colder and warm is warmer because I feel like our heat is getting more prominent :)

I have never heard of battery powered socks! Its the worst when your feet get cold and can't warm up, though so thats good. I can just picture you using Crack's advice and walking around with your hands tucked into your socks :)

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