Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Hubby

This one's for you Stevie. Congrats on your team making it! Don't forget how the Tigers helped make this happen for you. You can show a little love towards them for being an utter embarrassment and failure considering they have one of the highest paid rosters in the MLB. Now you can also resume happiness since you decided to get progressively grumpier last week as your team tried very hard not to make the play-offs. (I know you are insistent that you were in a perfectly great mood, I respectfully disagree:)) I do find it interesting how we allow circumstances that we have little or no control of to have such impact on our daily moods. Like how our sports teams do (Spartans and UofM both won Saturday - a great day!), politics, the current economic "crisis" or lack there-of, traffic, the line at the grocery store, weather, etc. Why do we let these things have any control of our attitudes? My day can be ruined by a traffic jam - how petty is that! Or I can be on cloud nine because I hit all the traffic lights just right and got somewhere early (oh wait, I'm never early. just less late). Our Bible study group has been studying "JOY" for the last 5 weeks and it has been a great lesson for me not to look to my surroundings for happiness, but to have an inner joy that is so intense (due to my relationship with Jesus) that even in less than ideal circumstances where I may not be happy, I can be joyful.

Go Sox!!!


Becs said...

Wow, you are on a blog roll!

I was just thinking about this the other day. (Not the playoffs, but how we can be so affected by that which we can not control. Even when we think we aren't.)

Although I think the possibility of an all Chicago World Series is pretty cool... as for right now, I must stir your pot (or Steve's a little) and say:

Becs said...

Tell Steve that I am sorry that my local guys beat his team. Florida just is a better place all around :)