Monday, January 7, 2008


For the record, today is January 7 and we are having a thunderstorm tonight. Complete with thunder, lightening, wind, rain, and even tornado warnings in some counties. Crazy!! It was 60 degrees today! Just for perspective, 4 days ago it was 6 F! Gotta love Michigan! Actually I'm hoping it all freezes again b/c we're supposed to have an open house this weekend and everything is currently mud.
Here's a picture of Dixie snuggling with CJ tonight b/c she's not a big fan of thunder:)


Ladybird and Sam said...

Oh Dixie! I remember when Dixie was as small as CJ, and probably just as loud!

Too cute!

Anja Lee said...

The storm was really awesome last night! It was so weird when the power went out around the lake, it was so dark.

Becs said...

OMG, Dixie!
CJ looks like he is really growing! What a sweet pic... and what random weather :)

oj said...

Ohhhhh! He is adorable :)