Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nurse Rachelle

Sorry there have been so few posts and even fewer pictures. I will try to fix that in February. Besides chasing the 3 around, coaching b-ball, and working, Steve had shoulder surgery mid-January. So I've been challenged to be a good nurse. I can recognize that I was definately not intended to go into human medicine because my level of sympathy is so low it's terrible. I try to act empathetic, but it's pretty much faking. With animals, they can't complain, so I don't have to worry about acting sympathetic - it works great. Steve is healing up, finally. Hopefully in a couple months he'll be back to throwing, shooting, and whatever else.


Ladybird and Sam said...

Poor steve, I hope his shoulder heals quick. I hear you on the sympathy, sometimes I'm not sympathetic at all, and am like just suck it up!!!

Anonymous said...

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Michael said...

I get you on the sympathy. I recently started a new job at Auto Shipping Network ( We ship cars all over the world so I've been pretty busy. My girlfriend was sick last week and I had to "play nurse" as well. But after a long day at work my patience was already shot, so about that faking of the sympathy, I completely understand.