Friday, September 18, 2009

Proud Blogger

So I must admit...looking at all your amazing blogs with great pics and interesting and/or witty stories made me feel bad about being an absent blogger lately. So instead of proudly letting you know what I'm up to, I'll post a picture that about sums it up. In case you need explaining, this is my freezer.

Q: "What is the blue/red/other colored stuff?"

A: Mostly blue moon ice cream, but it has some other fantastic freezer items melted into the goo.

Q: "Wow, what happened, did you lose power lately?"

A: Nope. We lost power about 3 months ago and about 6 months ago before that. Yep, it's been there that long.

Q: "I bet that took some effort to clean up."

A: I wouldn't know. It's still there:)


Trina said...

Rachelle - this made me laugh out loud. Thanks for being honest. To be honest, I have a similar sludge puddle in the bottom of my freezer. :)

Becs said...

great pic... interesting/witty story... you put us to shame

Love it!

Jeff said...

You and your blue moon icecream!
(from La not Jeff : )

KDoug said...

i LOVE this post more than anything. It totally sums up motherhood - somethings just have to wait. And, of course, your husband doesn't clean it up because he doesn't even notice it.