Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If you have a weak stomach, procede with caution. I've been awaiting the opportunity to describe some of the nasty stuff I deal with and one just popped up.

I just did one of the grossest things I've ever done in my life. For something to gross me out, you know it has to be pretty bad considering I make a living playing in cow crap, stinky uteruses, and relish finding the biggest and ripest abcesses to pop.

So what could gross me out? Not the smell of a calf that's been dead in utero for 2 days and it starting to fall apart. Not a prolapsed uterus (that means the cow didn't quit pushing after giving birth and pushed her whole uterus out the back end) that is covered in manure and you have to literally put the whole thing in your lap and feed it back in that "small" hole little by little - think something about the size of 2 40lb bags of dog food into a hole about the size of a medium pizza. I am fascinated by trying to find large abcesses. I think my record is probably about 4 gallons of pus! I can even stomach doing a necropsy (autopsy) on an animal that's been dead and sitting out in 90 F heat for a day.

But tonight I was happily going through the garden minding my own business. I've been really irritated that something is destroying my 4 tomato plants. I was informed it was a horned catipillar. Well, I caught one of these SOB's in the act of eating my plant. I was so horrified and angry that I swatted it to the ground and quickly went STOMP!!! ARGHH!! It exploded with such force that all the green guts flew through the air and landed all over me! My arm, shirt, FACE, legs! I momentarily felt the need to hurl. This ranks right up there with maggots, which are another thing I really don't like.

So here's a pic of my victim. Imagine him like 3 times this large (due to the fact that everything was shot out of him). Too gross.


Laney said...

ewww! I remember these lovely things when my parents had a garden. My dad used to keep a tin can of gasoline near the garden and thats where we plopped them as we found them!

Good Luck~

Ladybird and Sam said...

That's all pretty gross, but sometimes the smallest things can really gross me out. I am more of a don't like smelly things person, but I really enjoy going to the dump!!! It's cleansing to get rid of trash. =)

Duck said...

That is sooo nasty.

Ladybird and Sam said...

I was watching the discovery channel and thought that you'd be perfect to be on dirtiest jobs!!!!