Monday, June 2, 2008


There are some moments in life when you just wish you could sit back and hit replay over and over because you know it's how life's supposed to be. It's when I need to take the time to say "Thanks God, for all the amazing blessings in my life. Thanks also for the trial which make the blessings that much sweeter." Below is a pictoral of some of those blessings.

This is a picture of Gabby and Rylee with Gabby's best friend Isabelle (middle) and her sister Allison(left). Isabelle has been such a blessing for Gabby- her happiness and increase in confidence this year are unbelievable. Good friends are to be treasured.

This picture was taken at the local hunt club - as in horses chasing foxes. I volunteered at an event there this weekend for the pony club, and it was just beautiful out. Also, my two oldest children have never behaved as well as they did during the event! I left them over on a hill about 200 yards away from my vet box and told them to stay there....AND THEY DID for like 45 minutes! Gabby is really getting into the horse stuff. She ended up staying with me for the entire 4 hours. We both got great tans and loved watching these amazing creatures perform at their best.

Ok, so I'm pretty sure the above two photos aren't going to scar my children later in life:) This was a post-soccer bath for everyone, and it felt amazing! You'd figure with a baseball dad and a basketball mom we'd be playing one of those sports, but we are now a soccer fam. When Steve comes home every night, the first question from the girls is, "Dad, can we play soccer?" This is truly a whole family deal - even C.J. gets in the action thanks to an awesome baby carrier! Rylee is learning to be a cherry picker, Gabby's known for kicking in the shins, I've landed on my butt several times already (on a day I didn't have C.J. strapped in, so I was going all out), and Steve's the master trickster. So at the time of this writing Steve's teams are beating mine 3-1 in the series, but mind you I have a 20 lb handicap. It's great to have fun as a family! Thanks God!

So do you think he might be his daddy's boy? The three toys above: football, baseball, and TV remote all make for a good time. I can already hear the wrestling matches between the two of them for the remote. It may get ugly!

And finally, we are so thankful for the arrival of spring and summer. This winter got a little long and depressing, but now the flowers are blooming and life is green. The lake is warming up, so soon you'll be seeing swimming pictures. Actually, the crazy girls both did go swimming Memorial weekend in 62F water - that's COLD! This is a little bouquet I made from some early summer blooms for Gabby's teacher. Once the garden's in full bloom, I'll have to post pictures. I don't think this will be a strong year of gardening as I don't want to make a lot of additions only to have to leave them behind when we move (if ever). But I have quite a few perrenials that give a nice show.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE bath time pics - I am glad I am not the only one who still bathes all of my children together :-) My kids love to play soccer in the back yard with Mel and even Jack has a mini ball that he carries with his teeth just like a dog. Great, I guess one of these days when he walks he can use his feet :-)

Trina said...

Loved this post, Rachelle! I feel like I just got to have a mini-visit with you, right down to the bouquet on your table - lovley! :)

Becs said...

This was such a heartwarming post.

You have to log in because I made my blog private... just for a little while, but I will make it public again within the next day or too probably. I do it every so often if I see that someone is checking it out repeatedly and I can't place who they are or why they are so interested in the blog. ALso Paul prefers it to be private so our agreement is to make it private for a month or so every few months.